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VITAMIN C SERUM 11% For all skin types including sensitive

APPEARANCE AND PROPERTIES A milky white serum.Our Vitamin C Serum is specially formulated to effectively deliver its high concentrations (11% & 20%) of stable vitamin C to our skin.The Ascorbyl Palmitate used in this serum is highly active. The vitamin C is scientifically formulated to prevent its loss of effectiveness against the elements that could reduce its stability. Vitamin C has been recognised for many years as being of incredible value to the skin.Applying Vitamin C topically you can expect:

Reduced appearance of ageing

Restored radiant glow

Improved and revitalised skin texture especially with sun damaged skin

Benefits of an antioxidant

Reduced signs of fine lines on face and eye contours

Lightening of skin particularly pigmentations

Helping stimulate collage production

Better sun protection with sunblocks.

KEY INGREDIENTS L-Ascorbic Acid (11%): a highly active form of topical Vitamin C to give the above benefits and actions to the skin.

APPLICATION Massage a few drops into face every day or night as directed on bottle. Include neck and décolletage to assist with sun damage.

Size: 30ml


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