Skin Information


What are skin conditions?

Skin Conditions occur in many different skin types it may be temporary or on-going skin condition. They include dehydration, dryness, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, telangiectasia, wrinkles and acne, among other skin conditions. Indicators of dehydration are visible fine lines and feeling of tight, dull complexion, this means your skin is lacking water. Another skin condition is Sensitivity, sensitive skin is a common term to describe skin that is hyper-reactive to any stimulus, whether from topical applications like creams, sun or artificial UV light sources or climatic changes such as a dry or cold environment.

Skin type
There are main skin types in the world

Normal skin type is very rare. It’s mainly not too dry or not oily. This type of skin has a good balance of oil and moisture.

Dry skin feels tight or uncomfortable. Dry skin does not produce enough oil and has a matt appearance. May also be slightly flaky

Oily skin has an oily or shiny appearance all over the face. Skin produces too much skin. May also have large pores and is prone to breakouts, and blackheads

Combination skin produces different amounts of oil in different areas of the skin, is normally oily or shiny on the T-zone area of the face, the skin may be prone to breakouts and blackhead. Occasionally get slightly dry on the cheeks. This is probably the most common skin type


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